Wind Speed (x):
Wind Speed (y):
Tree Strength:
Stroke Opacity Ratio:
Stroke Weight Ratio:
Branch Length Ratio:
Branch Length Variation:
Angle Range:
Minimum Length:
Lower Colour:
Upper Colour:
Background Colour:
Transition Level:

To re­set pa­ra­me­ters sim­ply re­fresh the page.


For a full ex­pla­na­tion of what is be­ing drawn here, please re­fer to my main port­fo­lio en­try. If you would like a frac­tal tree gen­er­a­tor that does not im­ple­ment any wind please click here. In this sketch I have made the fol­low­ing pa­ra­me­ters avail­able for tweak­ing:


This sketch was com­pleted us­ing the p5.js JavaScript li­brary (li­cense here) which pro­vides an ex­cel­lent frame­work for vi­sual cod­ing pro­jects such as this. I also used js­color (li­cense here) for se­lect­ing the colours. This pro­ject was greatly in­spired by The Coding Train’s video.